Aurora Living – It’s magic!


Photo from Aurora Living by Ole C. Salomonsen, Arctic Light Photo. Source: iTromsø.

Northern lights is part of everyday life in the high north. It’s not fantasy, it’s pure fiction! Caused by high-energy charged particles from the Sun colliding with molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere.

But folks, listen up: Sometimes it’s magic! Have a look at the magician Ole C. Salomonsen’s new film, Aurora Living – Life under the Aurora*:

This is exactly what you could experience in Tromsø these days, and what I experienced running around the Prestvannet on top of the Tromsø island only a week ago. Hey, why don’t you join me for the Polar Night Halfmarathon, Norway’s biggest winter race, on Saturday January 7, 2017? It will be magic too!

The local newspaper iTromsø picked it up first (in Norwegian, subscription needed). TV2, the largest commercial television station in Norway, broadcasted parts of the video prime time today, and you can read more here (in Norwegian).

For more spectacular photos and videos from Ole, have a look at Arctic Light Photo or his Facebook-site.

See you in the Arctic!

Thomas K. Føre

* Aurora Borealis = Northern Lights